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27 September 2006


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This is so typical of the Cuban government. As you point out, Ziva, the unsanitary conditions are what's behind this epidemic and the spraying of insecticide only poisons the already sickened population. I already heard of one documented case of a woman with asthsama who died when her house was sprayed. It boggles the mind to see the pictures of streets in Havana being sprayed by these men holding these hugh canisters of poison! It sends a chill up my spine! Anyway, back to my point, how typically inept of the Cuban government to try to cover the problem with a bandage. You don't cover a festering wound with a bandage, you clean it out and disinfect it, similarily, the Cuban government should improve sanitation, not simply spray the filth and pollution with poison!

Where are the fawning world leaders, and the international media types who repeat verbatim Castro's lies about the best healthcare in the world?? Where are the environmentalists who are always talking about Cuba's organic farming methods and how people in Cuba ride bicycles [they call it an environmentally friendly culture]???

As usual, Castro is given a free pass.

yo pienso que cuba necesita un cambio pork asi como esta nadie va a querer viajar alla de visita

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