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16 November 2005


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This is spot-on, although these days I fear these postings are more in the nature of "preaching to the choir." The left-loon-lemmings don't want to, and can't handle - the truth when it comes to their favorite boy-toy tyrant. Nevertheless, please continue hammering the truth home.

kaSStro indeed "won" by default, not because of military prowess or anything like that. His so-called "guerrilla war" consisted mostly of low-level skirmishes against a demoralized and corrupt army who did not want to fight. Even at that, there were a couple of times when that army came close to finishing him and his rag-tag "fighters" off. The first time was within 3 days of his landing in Cuba, on or about December 5th, 1956. His group was ambushed by army and rural militia forces at Alegria del Pio, where fidel, raul, che, and some others managed to escape. The bulk of the initial rag-tag group was annihilated. The evil core survived only because a local, Cresencio Perez, who knew the area well, guided them to a safe zone in the Sierra Maestra mountains.

The 2nd time was in May, 1958. On May 24th, Batista launched "operacion Verano (operation Summer)," an offensive meant to liquidate the rebels in Oriente province, once and for all. The force was powerful, and included heavy artillery elements. It was led by Commander Sanchez-Mosquera, who was a fairly capable officer.

Initially, the offensive was successful, and the rebels were constricted to a narrow zone, about 9 miles square; this appeared to signal the beginning of the end for castro. Unfortunately, due to a combination of mishaps and missed opportunities, the attack started petering off and the rebels were able to start regrouping and breaking the circle. This was partially due to difficulty in providing air support (due to the problems with aircraft spares because of the US-imposed military embargo)and the reluctance of many of the pilots, some being castro sympathizers, to bomb the rebel areas. castro would "reward" these pilots later by condemning many to lengthy prison terms, on trumped-up "war crime" charges,despite an earlier, favorable verdict by a "revolutionary tribunal." One of the tribunal members committed suicide after castro reversed the verdict.

That castro was desperate during the fighting is evident by the fact the rebels later that summer began the practice of kidnapping and holding hostages in areas likely to be bombed by the air force, so as to put international pressure on Batista and constrain his military.

As the army's morale collapsed in July-August 1958, the rebels started moving in to fill the vaccuum, so that Batista finally threw in the towel, and fled January 1, 1959; the "rebels" wasted no time in executing those in the military and police whom they felt had given them trouble, if nothing else, to break the back of any possible counter action on the part of the army, air force, and police. It is significant that among the first to be executed was a lieutenant left in charge of the BRAC (Buro Represion Actividades Comunistas); the Bureau's files "mysteriously" disappeared after the lieutenant's murder. For additional background and information about this topic, go to


And then, castro went on to administer his tender mercies to the people of Cuba...

Hugh Thomas' "Cuba-The Pursuit of Freedom" is an excellent and unbiased source describing the events leading to the fall of Batista and the revolutionary takeover of this unfortunate country.
One could go on to discuss the good pre-castro health care and school system, of which I was a beneficiary. I'll leave that to more capable minds, which no doubt are out there.

Alberto, thanks for your usual, great, well written, in depth comment. Did I hear a rumor you were starting a blog?

Thanks for the as usual undeserved compliments - Hugh Thomas I am not.
I've been accused of "talking too much," but, based on family experience, apparently it is a Quiroga thing.

If you insist on being bored by my little blog, am listing the URL. And while I'm at it, am going to add a link to your Blog for Cuba in the next few days.

Again, gracias!

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