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29 November 2005


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A good way to punish these idiots, for violating non-humanitarian visit rules and applicable Treasury restrictions involving travel to Cuba, would be to sentence them to 1 year's life with a "privileged" Cuban family, in a crumbling building, including perks such as frequent power outages, rationed and poor quality food, and "free health care," native style. Not only might they learn something (maybe) but perhaps if they regurgitated their fawning drivel within earshot of the "privileged family," they might
learn how ordinary Cubans feel about their (mis)government after having the crap beat outta them!

One thing these lefto-loonos all seem to have in common: sado-masochistic personality, coupled with self-hatred and deep inferiority complexes, which are easily exploited by dominant, abuser personalities such as kaSStro's. If we could only inoculate these CATTLE against such diseases!

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