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28 November 2005


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The ironies of history...this post is not for the purpose of justifying, by any means, the current US "wet foot-dry foot" policy vis a vis the Cuban people. I can't help but wonder sometimes if perhaps this tragedy, a direct result of the curse of kaSStro, was visited upon unfortunate Cuba because once, not so long ago, strangers in desperate need knocked on the door...and were refused:


We should all heed these words and live by them:

"Do onto others as you would like them to do unto you."

I hope Uncle Sam is listening too.

That tragedy was one among a larger world wide one my friend. Cuba has been very kind to the Jews, pre-castro. Including some of my family. Over the centuries Jews have prospered in Cuba, starting with the large number of original conversos fleeing the inquisition. I don't believe for a moment that Cubans deserve their misfortune in an eye for an eye payment for that time. There were German agents involved and the usual other factors. President Bru and his party is to blame, and the 40 thousand is a small minority, the majority of Cubans had nothing to do with the demonstration or the incident, and note as well that the US did not volunteer to help, or any other land. The world turned its back on the Jews during that dark time. The blame for the tragedy of Cuba is castro's, not his victims.

Thanks for fighting like a lioness, Ziva. I just saw this, after I posted about it in my blog. I added a line thanking you at the end when I read this. Thanks.

Well said, Kathleen - hope the connection between kaSStro and today's tragic situation is clear...think too that we should all be reminded there is a moral obligation to shelter the persecuted. My family and I are direct beneficiaries of Uncle Sam's welcoming policies and the thought of these unfortunates being returned to the lair of the beast is too painful to contemplate-maybe one is looking for rational answers or cosmic connections to the whole tragic thing. There are no answers, no explanations - one can only ask WHY?

Alberto, you can make yourself crazy with that big why. It's better to say why not? Why not do the right thing now, it's a choice, and this wet foot/dry foot is wrong, wrong, wrong. If everyone would stand up and say it, Bush would hear. And I'm not just talking about Cubans either. All of us have a moral responsibility to say no to injustice.

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