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02 December 2005


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Excellent analysis, Ziva!
I hope the conspiracy of silence around the dry foot wet foot is once and for all broken.

May your hopes reach Gods ears CB.

good work ziva,we should email this article to bush,the anti cuban hipocrit.

THIS IS FREAKING EXCELLENT KATHLEEN (er I mean Ziva... hmmm... learning something new every day!)

As time goes on I am convinced that this government is and always will care for its own self-interest, which BTW is completely acceptable so long as there is none of this BSing hypocritical politics that we're constantly being spoon fed.

Lets face it, the US Government (be it elephant or be it jack-ass)is as worried about stopping Mexicans from crossing as they are about removing fidel.

In the US undocumented hispanic immigrants do the work that noone else wants to do and get paid less than a seeing eye dog. So they aren't taking away jobs, like republicans want to claim, and they sure aren't a race like the democrats like to claim, classify, and box.

And for Cuba, castro's oppression is a balance to this country's system and ideology, after all, every good guy needs a bad guy: "We in the US are free! And if you don't believe us, just look at poor Cuba."

This is why Clinton never lifted the embargo, and why Bush won't invade. So long as Cuba's counter weight mantains a stability in US politics then US politics' concern for Cuba will only be enough to sway a minority, within a minority, to vote.

Thank for this article Kathleen, it confirms what I've been suspecting since I've started blogging.

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