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31 December 2005


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Happy New Year! You have a wonderful blog and thanks for all that you do! May God Bless you and bring you many blessings in 2006!

To a Cuba Libre in 2006!!!

Happy New Year!
Abajo fidel!

I saw the s.o.b make that speech - recall looking around and seeing the sober faces of my parents...the consensus after the speech was something like "sounds good, but..."

Friend Jorge of the Real Cuba tells how his father, after seeing the subject speech, labeled kaSStro a "schizophrenic madman," and predicted kaSStro would be trouble. On day 9 of the "revolution" he had this evil presence figured out.

The bastard was manipulative from day one. I think that was the very same speech where some doves, which were trained, or doped, or whatever, flew from seemingly out of nowhere, one perching on "el comandante's" shoulder - causing some to actually believe he was some kind of envoy from the Almighty. What bulls....but what evil, manipulative genius. Pray 2006 is the year God finally tires of listening to this madman's rave and removes him permanently, to a suitable place of no return.

Un abrazo y un muy Feliz 2006 a ti y a todos los hermanos/hermanas en
la fraternidad de la Libertad!

May 2006 bring peace and prosperity to Cuba.

A Happy New Year to you Ziva.

May this finally be the year!

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