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19 January 2006


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Because kagasstro and el che huevera are the darlings of the American Left. They will support that murderous regime as far as they can. And when they can't, they will lie to still support it.
We should be throwing all the traitors in jail.

Exactly Ziva! Where is all the outrage, the reggae songs, and international pressure? I guess it's not cool or hip to stand up against communist thugs. I am one of the few who believes Cuba should not play in the classic. all those years the dictator boasting that they were the best "amatuers" while the players were in their 30's playing college kids. now it's poor me they want to play in a professional classic.

The comparison with South Africa is a good one, especially in how it exposes the hypocrisy of the left. It really is sad on so many levels to see the general public's ignorance of the situation in Cuba.

But another valid comparison is with the Soviet Union and China during the Cold War. Cultural and sports exchanges helped expose those societies to the freedom of the West and eventually helped bring real changes there.

I think Cuba should be allowed to play in the WBC, to give freedom a chance to leak back onto the island. Is that naive, especially since no games will be played on the island? Perhaps, but I think the potential benefits for Cuba, and the world, far outweigh any possible gains for Castro.

If nothing else, it will be fascinating to see whether that SOB Castro will follow through on promises to donate any profits to Katrina relief.

Marc, you say my comparison with South Africa is good and then dismiss it. Cuba is an apartheid state. castro's only purpose for wanting to participate in the classic is to add to his propaganda arsenal and to legitimize his (sic)presidency. The Island has cultural and sports exchanges with countries all over the world. Canadians, Europeans, and Americans legally and otherwise visit Cuba. Most do not wander far from the tourist areas where Cubans are not allowed. Do you think he’s just going to let the US flood Cuba with Americans spreading democracy? Yes, I think that is naïve. It's not lack of knowledge about freedom that oppresses Cubans, it's castro's iron fisted policies. You're right, the games won't be played in Cuba and even if they were, how would that benefit the average Cuban? Why do you want Cuba to participate? I personally could not stomach watching the Cuban team play knowing that their families are held captive back in Cuba, that they're surrounded by castros' security goons. Watching slaves play in a state mandated game is not my idea of sport. Sorry, I just completely disagree with you.

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