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05 February 2006


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Actually, to go back even further and place the "Palestinians" in the right context, they are the descendants of invading "Sea Peoples," as documented in Egyptian sources, who wreaked havoc throughout Egypt and the Middle East over 3000 years ago - the Philistines of the Bible - hence "Palestines" and "Palestine."


One could say they have a long history of violence and usurpation.
Israel should concede NOTHING to the Palestinians, who will not change their terrorist mind-set; it is too embedded in their psyche, and they are, to put it bluntly, surrogate agents of other powers in the region who seek to destroy Israel.

I agree with you my friend, Amen!! I support you on that topic...Castro is the fuckin terrorist.

Zinn comment deleted as per my no communist propaganda bullshit allowed rule.

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