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13 February 2006


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I respect and adore your sentiments in this blog. I too can feel the anguish of the Castro regime as my father tells his story of drifting for over eight days in the Florida Channel, sharks circling at dawn and only the stars to keep him sane at night.

But I must say that I don't feel labeling those who do not quite understand how evil Castro is as libral is correct. I consider myself libral minded, and by that I mean I feel open to view all sides, but wrong is wrong. If someone like Bonnie Rait makes a comment like the one you stated, it bothers me to no end, the ignorence, so many are ignorent to the realities going on in our beloved Cuba. But to say they are libral remarks, well I am here to correct you, those people who thinks having t-shirts of Che are cool, or considering Castro to be a likable bedfellow are just plain ignorent...not neccessarily a libral. I've marched in protests with my father, I helped in the brief sit in during Elian's trials in front of the Lincoln Tunnel, and i do not agree with most of what my administration says and does. I am considered a libral, and I stand for the same things as you. Do you see?

Julia, the accepted association for the word liberal as used by Mr. Fontova comes from the self definition of what is now the party of the radical left, the democrats. The leadership of said party, and the media that supports them are not ignorant when it comes to Cuban issues, nor are they ignorant about who che or castro really is. They in fact support the tyranny of castro, che and the marxist doctrine they stand for--as do most of their celebrity followers. It's true that some of the useful idiots who follow them may be called ignorant but as adults they are responsible for their choices. There is ample evidence of the truth available for any thinking person to access. You may like the label liberal, thinking it means tolerant and progressive but by association, you align yourself with the party of intolerance, hate, anti-Americanism, and even worse, in support of terrible tyranny, oppression and injustice. You don't agree with most of what the administration says and does? Why? And who would you rather have?

I truly resent your opnion of alligning me with hateful ideas. I don't want to disrespect you, on the contrary I respect you so much that I read your post and felt a need to leave a comment. I see, however, that you are a bit of an extemeist, and I mean this in the sense that your passion, however well intended, sometimes blinds. A Passion that some may say librals have, and could make the same arguement likewise. So, i will not further fuel an endless debate, but I do appreciate your reply to my comment.

BTW, you of all people should know that most Americans are lazy and would rather live in their fantstical land of suv's and soccer moms, so even though the information is out there, they down right refuse to look into it, because it will shatter their little make believe world, and I still call that ignorence, regardless of the amount of information one can seek out, it takes the indivudual to make the choice to do it.

Julia, I appreciate your comments and I certainly did not intend to insult you, but to point out what the term "liberal" stands for. I agree with you that each individual makes their own choices. As far as Americans being lazy, they are not. We Americans, on average take off only 14 of the 16 days to which we are entitled. Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Americans also work a 49-hour-week, which adds up to 350 more hours of labor a year than the typical European worker. Those SUV's cost money.

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