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01 June 2006


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No, the MSM doesn't pick up Fariñas story for the following reasons:
He doesn't hate America.
He's not a terrorist.
He's against communism.
He doesn't love che and fidel.
He's not a cop killer.
He's Cuban, therefore, the so called black leaders of this country don't consider him a "real black" (surprinsingly, I have heard this one many times)
He happens to live in Cuba, a place equated to Paradise as per the (anti)religious traditions of the MSM as defined by their high priest Herbert Matthews in 1958.
Blacks can be mistreaded, killed, imprisoned, and lynched by government mobs (at least in Cuba)
Fariñas lives in an apartheid country, ruled by a white minority, but no American celebrity icon has composed songs and poems about him.
Am I missing any other reason?

Thanks Ziva for your continued support of a FREE Cuba.


Your absolutely right why the MSM does not pick up this story. It's dispicable how the MSM will not cover the Cuban struggle!!!!!

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