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29 September 2006


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Excellent piece. The left tries to do the same with Jack Keruoac. Dylan is very smart man. Even if he were leftist in thought what would be the point, as an entertainer, in alienating half of your potential audience? That's what the Dixie Chicks and jackasses like Bill Maher don't get.

I've discovered Dylan's radio show "Theme time radio hour" on XM Satellite radio. It's awesome. He picks a theme and plays songs for an hour about that theme. He introduces each song with anecdotes and the songs are all genres going back as far as recorded music goes right up to the present. Like he says in the promo, it's an hour of "dreams, schemes and themes." I bet you can just hear him say that in his very distinctive voice!

"Right Wing Bob" is a total crock. He states that Bob Dylan does not belong The Left but rather, to ALL of us ... and then proceeds thru his monologues in a manner which winds up claiming that "Bob Dylan belongs to ALL of us, minus The Left." (????)

He says "I don't speak for Bob Dylan," but look at the title of his website (as well as himself) --"Right Wing Bob."

He says Dylan never, NOT ONCE, spoke out against the Vietnam War ... that's entirely false as Dylan did exactly that via his lyrics ("Tombstone Blues") and at least on one occasion when personally interviewed (in Australia, 1966 when he responded to a question about Vietnam with a short and pointed "It's ridiculous.")

You affirm Bobs article but having no argument other than referring to Dylan lyrics which he's said many times aren't political, and taking out of context a quote from Australia. I recommend Bob Dylan: The Essential Interviews edited by Jonathan Cott Wenner.

Dylan has always kept his politics to himself and hated being co-opted by any movement, right or left. It's public knowledge that he and Joan Baez fought over his refusal to attend anti-war protests, we don't know who he's voted for-- what we do know is that he's a deeply religious man who spends a lot of time with the Bible, not something very compatible with leftist ideology.

Great article. I've said the same thing for a while now. I rediscovered Dylan after seeing the No Direction Home movie by Scorcese. Fantastic. I then picked up all the CD's he made in the 60's up to Like a Rolling Stone and then Blood on the Tracks, and then the new one. (Plus the greatest hits too). I read his Chronicles auto-bio.

Dylan is truly a genius and intellectual who never took himself seriously. He refused to be labled the voice of his generation. He spoke for himself. He sang about the civil rights movement and about the issues being faced by folks during the cold war (A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall). But as Ziva aptly said, he refused to join the anti-war hippies and pissed off Baez, a self proclaimed pinko, and even John Lennon. John Lennon was furious that Dylan did not get involved in the anti-war movement, going so far as saying in his song "God", "I don't believe in Zimmerman."

Also, Tombstone Blues is not about Vietnam. It's simply poetry with classical and literary images. As is the classic Desolation Row which has tons of references, my favorite of course being to TS Eliot and Ezra pound.

His earlier works that mentioned war, again dealt with the Cold War in general. See e.g., Masters of War, written in 1963.

He wrote about the irony of war and God, in the work, "With God on Our Side." I suggest y'all read these lyrics. They are intense. http://bobdylan.com/songs/withgod.html

The amazing thing about Dylan's genius, is that folks who think they understand his work, have not a clue.

As I went out one morning
To breathe the air around Tom Paine's,
I spied the fairest damsel
Who said “We gotta kill Hussein.”
I offer'd her my hand,
She took me by the arm.
I knew that very instant,
She meant to do me harm.

"Depart from me this moment,"
I told her with my voice.
Said she, "But I don't wish to,"
Said I, "But you have no choice."
"I beg you, sir," she pleaded
From the corners of her mouth,
"I will secretly accept you
And together we'll fly south."

Just then Tom Paine, himself,
Came running from across the field,
Shouting at this lovely girl
And commanding her to yield.
And as she was letting go her grip,
Up Tom Paine did run,
"I'm sorry, sir," he said to me,
"I'm sorry for what she's done."

"He sang about the civil rights movement and about the issues being faced by folks during the cold war."

You bet.

Oh, and "Tombstone Blues" doesn't reference the Vietnam War ...

Then tell me, exactly WHAT does it reference?

"The amazing thing about Dylan's genius, is that folks who think they understand his work, have not a clue."

That'd be you, dude.

Gerry you're obviously a putz. It's about living in the city; hard times. Vietnam was not an issue in 1965 when the song came out you shmendrick. Troops were just beginning to be shipped into Vietnam in 1965. The anti-war movement did not begin until 1967 and did not pick up any steam until Eugene McCarthy entered the race for President against LBJ. In fact in 1965, most Americans were in favor of the Vietnam war. The protests against the draft started piecemeal in 1966 such as when Ali refused to go. But no mass demonstrations and no involvement by the druggie hippie left crowd such as Baez.

So you are obviously a moron with no clue about history or you are a common troll or agent provaceteur wanna be.

And since when did Dylan have anything to do with the "mass demonstrations," the "druggie hippie left crowd," the "anti-war movement," or "most Americans"?

What he did say is that he personally had a problem with the "military-industrial" mentality that Eisenhower warned about.

Not to forget, of course, that Vietnam was just that, i.e., a military-industrial thing.

What I'm ultimately trying to say is that just because Bob Dylan isn't a card-carrying member of the radical Left ... doesn't by default leave him as "Right Wing" Bob, either.

If you can't make any sense out of that then I'd say you're the one with the problem and if you as such wish to label anyone/everyone else as a "common troll" or "agent provaceteur" then more "power" to ya.

"In fact in 1965, most Americans were in favor of the Vietnam war."

And what, exactly, what is was that changed their minds?

"The king of the Philistines his soldiers to save
Puts jawbones on their tombstones and flatters their graves
Puts the pied pipers in prison and fattens the slaves
Then sends them out to the jungle."

So this reference "to the jungle" is about living in the city?

If this doesn't reference Vietnam then it's certainly the weirdest coincidence in the history of lyricism that I could ever imagine.

Oy Vay Gerry. A lot of messages. I'll try to respond to them.

What changed people's minds? How about the reporting of the Tet offensive; that began to change people's minds about the war. The increase of troops in 1967 also added to the anti-war movement.

Vietnam was not a military industrial complex action. I bet you're not even 30 years old. Have you ever heard of SEATO? We were obligated under the SEATO treaty to assist the South Vietnam govt. against the communists (since the French obviously had no clue).

Dylan had nothing to do with the anti-war crowd. He did not want to be a spokesperson for the youth or that nonsence. He was a poet and a musician; that's all. His topical material was more in tune to civil rights and the cold war. In his own auto-biography, he cites Goldwater as his favorite politician. He's very pro-Israel and is not a fringe man. I could not tell you where he votes, but I can tell you that he did not toe the line of the Woodstock hippies. Similarly, Hendrix was against the anti-war crowd since those were his buddies in the service (He was a paratrooper until he got injured).

Actually the reference you're making is to Biblical times. Unless Dylan was clarvoyant and knew what was going to happen in the future 2 years later, your premise makes no sense.

Please read your history from reliable sources. If you want to learn about Dylan, read Chronicles, see the documentary: No Direction Home for a start.

but your reference to "Hussain" in the Dylan lyrics and your obvious youth says much of where you stand.

"His topical material was more in tune to civil rights and the cold war."

No kidding ....



... and Vietnam wasn't a military-industrial thing -- right.

"He's very pro-Israel."

Wrong, dude.

"He was a poet and a musician, that's all."

That's all? Bob Dylan?


Yeah Gerry that's all, he's said so himself. What ever else you think about him-is just that,what YOU think. Not what is true. End of thread.

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