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29 April 2007


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Dear Barbara Rangel:

Robert Solera wrote giving a lead to your post. Let me explain:

While working on my manuscript in progress "Narrations of War in Cuba." I was covering the 1931 landing at Gibara, during the struggle against Machado. Doing this I found a citation to Cornelio Rojas attributed to Feliciano Maderne in: de la Peña Rubio, Nicolás 2004 Gibara: Combates bajo el sol de agosto. Ediciones Holguín, Holguín ISBN 9592211183 August 17, 1931 page 66 “Pasado las tres de la tarde la avanzada del Numero cuatro se empeño con las tropas del capitán Fernández (Machado army officer stationed in Holguin L.D.). A la Vigía (Sergio Carbo’s position among the ruins of Spanish fortifications L.D.) continuaban llegando pequeños contingentes a caballo con escopetas de caza viejísimas y revólveres inservibles, al mando de Pepillo Dominicis, Celio Rodríguez, Benigno y Cornelio Rojas, José Rafael de la Peña … se desmontaban y se les armaban. Eran la vanguardia de (Manuel “Lico” L.D.) Balan … "

This interested me because the names related to grandfather (Mambi Brigadier General Calixto (GArcia-I~niguez) Enamorado). My searches turned up the following post from one of your relatives:

Torres Rojas. Marielena 2006 (accessed 7-9-08) Colonel Cornelio Rojas, Batista Chief of Police in Santa Clara, Being Killed by Firing Squad. Havana Journal Fri August 20, 2004 On line responses Wed August 16, 2006 in http://havanajournal.com/politics/entry/colonel_cornelio_rojas_batista_chief_of_police_in_santa_clara_being_killed_/ “You are welcome and I am glad you have mentioned my great grandfather in your site. He did not work for Batista he was a National Policeman long before Batista was in power and earned his military status of Colonel working his way up the ranks and not paying anyone off as sometimes happened in his time. He was a true revolutionist who didn’t fight for the government but for the freedom of Cuba. Even before this revolution he was involved in other revolutionary activities such as a group that was fighting against the president Machado in the 1930s unfortunately I am uncertain of the actual year(s). As far as his death it is so famous because he was not given a trial at all! It is also known as a mistake of the revolution because they were afraid of his rank and clout and worried he would be able to fight against Castro. My great aunt went to Camilo Cienfuegos pleading Cornelio case when he was in prison. In this meeting Camilo told my great aunt Josefina Rojas that there was no reason for him to be killed because they didnt have anything against him but when he picked up the phone to call to find out why they had taken him prisoner Cornelio had already been killed. Since there was no reason to kill him in several documents after his death were complied of lies in order to justify such a horrible act. ” “ … my great grandfather was never given a trial and was executed within a day or two of his caputre he was killed on 7 and believe to have been captured on the 5th or 6th. It is also stated in another article of the Geneva Convention that any prisoner of wars killed must be given an honorable burial. In Cornelio case his body was thrown into a mass grave which was a huge hole in the ground with dozens of other bodies.… ” (3) Lago, Armando 2007 (accessed 7-10-08) Cuba Archive: Mas de 200 Víctimas del Ché Guevara en Cuba: 1957-1959 LiberPress martes 6 de febrero de 2007 taken from Armando Lago, Ph.D. Cuba: El costo humano de la revolución social (in preparation Author died 2008 )- http://liberpress.blogspot.com/2007/02/asesinados-por-el-che-guevara-cuba.html “Ejecutados u enviados a ejecutar por el Ché durante su breve comando en Santa Clara (1-3 de enero de 1959). … 9. Cornelio Rojas - 1-7-59** … ** El Ché firmó la sentencia de muerte, pero la ejecución se efectuó luego de que dejara su comando.”

Obviously the reference of Maderne who was a rabid communist refers to your ancestor. Any further details would be of great interest to me.

Larry Daley (Garcia-I~niguez Enamorado Ramirez)


P.s. Maderne was an idiot as well as a communist, in another section of the book he berates the Vicker crew-fed machine gun well known as an excellent weapon and in use by first class armies until the 1980s


Two additional citations to Cornelio Rojas in Gibara in 1931:

Sergio Carbo In: de la Peña Rubio, Nicolás 2004 Gibara: Combates bajo el sol de agosto. Ediciones Holguín, Holguín page 90. “Recuerdo que atraído por su porte resulto pedí a Cornelio Rojas que organizara una descubierta de caballería. Pero todo fue inútil, era asunto no de valor, sino de disciplina quebrantada, de moral colectiva.”

second citation However, Mambi veteran Manuel Balán still has organized forces which include Capitan Cornelio Rojas and gradually pulls his leadership group together in the countryside about a six kilometers (“legua y medio”) from Gibara until the 24th. (August 1931)" from same citation as above pages 116-117.

if you have any further info please advise at daleyl@peak.org

take care and be well


I am a first generation Cuban American looking for information on my uncle, Julian Ramon Sotolongo who was shot by firing squad on 21 April 1961. To the best of my knowledge, he was involved with the intelligence operatives for the Bay of Pigs Invasion. I am attempting to collect data for a memoir for my sons, so that the next generation does not forget the crimes committed by that regime. I would greatly appreciate any help.

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