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25 August 2007


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Depicting Cuban Americans (note Americans!) in that way is pure RACISM. F*ck the guy who made that.He's probably wearing a che t-shirt.What an asshole.Of course the democrats don't like Cuban Americans bc they can see through through their lying bullshit.

So according to this idiot,in my opinion, who drew the original cartoon, voting for the party of your choice disrupts elections? This guy is a provacateur and a loser,once again in my opinion. Trust me idiots like this are on the road to nowhere. Where is the outrage? That's what they want. What sick minds.

The Oliphant cartoon is despicable, hurtful, prejudice and flat out wrong but it is not Racist. It is impossible as Cubans, like their Mexican, American, Central American and Canadian neighbors, are not a race of people and come in all races and colors. The word racist and racism has so much been misused by the MSM that the true hatefulness of the word has been diluted and when a real racist comes along he is grouped along with people who say stupid prejudice crap.

Felix, of course Cubans are not a race, but unfortunately in this politically correct world we live in "latinos, Hispanic" (I hate those labels) are popularly considered a "race" and in that context the term is appropriate. It is my opinion that Oliphant, who I beleive is Australian, probably invisions all Latinos as brown inferior people. This cartoon is beyond vile, and note that just a few days later the Post refused to publish a cartoon they deemed insulting to Muslims. As far as I know, the Post has not responded to any of our complaints.

Not Racist Felix? Look in the boat again and tell me what you see.

Ziva forgive me but I fail to understand how I am supposed to determine someone's race from a B&W cartoon. Stereotyping... yes. Again, my point simply is that the term Racist/Racism is an inappropriate in this case. Am I mad as hell about this cartoon... you bet your ass I am. Do I think it's despicable, nasty and hateful? Yes, I do. I think it's even more telling of the nasty prejudice that the Washington Post shows towards Cubans Americans on the coat tails of the cartoon that they refused to publish in fear of offending Muslims or some other sort of PC crap. By calling it racism also brings it down to a "Jessie Jackson race card" level which I know we are all much better than that. The cartoon is flat out wrong and shame on the Washington Post for publishing it.

Felix, I don't think we're in any disagreement. Just looking at it from a slightly different angle. I see the cartoons author as a racist, because I believe that he erronously views "hispanics" as a race, independent of skin color. This hateful cartoon reflects that "racist" attitude. I agree with you completely that the word is misused.

Have you seen this cartoon condemned by anyone outside the Cuban-American community? I haven't, where are all the activist guardians of civil liberties?

Felix, I truly don't know if your intentionally trying to act like you don't get it because it's plainly obvious by the cartoon. I think in a black and white cartoon one can see race. All is I see in that boat are White exiles,I am presuming from the early sixties,hence the reference to Batista. Seriously, no te hagas el que no entiendes. Please.

Well, I'm a Cuban Spanish living in Spain so I can't vote against Obama. Any Cuban-American that votes for Obama should know that the likes of Oliphant support him. Liberal creeps hate us because we are not social & economical failures and we know they are just pure façade. Those Che loving clowns should be living in Cuba with the Libreta.

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