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03 July 2008


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Radio Bemba, loose lip radio,web logs - like the truth on super charger. as usual the insightful mind of Jose Reyes nails the Cuban condition on the head by pointing out how the resourceful mind of cubans dealing with pysic damage have auto cured themselves redirecting the stress by the simple act of talking with others and venting their knowledge about "The Real Cuba".

Great article by Mr. Reyes, and you have a great site, BFC.

The way I see it is that everyone is against communism. It is just that not everyone has experienced the effects of it in order to know that it should be actively resisted and defeated. Your articles can be helpful in waking up a few of those many bimbos who don't know anything about communism or Marxist doctrine and methods.

Your site deals with the problems which are faced in a country known to be under a communist regime. Your message would be more easily digested if other people knew, and could recognize that they, too, are under attack by the same Leftist forces. Now, Marxists and communists, along with their sympathizers are projecting strength in all our Western countries.

We basically have these problems:

The Marxist educators and media are teaching leftist doctrine faster than we can dispel it with truth.

They have captive audiences in schools and media markets.

They have networks set up which are funded with our taxpayers dollars, which support each other in promoting socialism and Marxist thought. This is in happening in each of our countries as well as transnationally and internationally.

The media is transnational with control apparatus which is Marxist.

They have evolved our institutions such as jails and other services into a "privatized system" which increasingly is utilized for newly preached warfare {race and class} against patriots in all our countries.

They have political apparatus at the top ends of our major parties which select among the candidates to determine who the people will be allowed to vote for.

The Marxists "flood the market" with revisionist historys' of our countries and with slick sites which are trained to confuse issues and to turn truth into just another part of their dialectic messages.

I don't know if there are other things which you would add or minimize on that list, but you and Cubanology have enough experience in that department to give us some guidance.

Thanks for your good work which is becoming more important all the time.

Well, thank you very much Flanders Fields, I try my best to explain to everyone and I try to make it as simple as it can be. Confusion is the weapon the "Left" always chooses to use. It is much easier for me to understand, my fellow Cuban-Americans have experienced it also and they understand as well. But there are others who don't see the freight train in their rear view mirror and coming on strong! Everything you have mentioned is 100% fact and the sad thing is that it's happening right here in America also and at the present moment. The media is officially driving that freight train and Obama is their crown jewel, their puppet of choice. You really cannot blame the American public because they have never experienced Socialism, but its right there on their doorstep. It is totally unconstitutional, what the MSM is trying to pull off here. Thanks again!

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